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My Story

I'm a writer, editor and aspiring photographer. A brief stint interning for CNN inspired me to pursue journalism. The folks at USC thought I was worthy of the program, and two years later I escaped with a master's in print journalism.

Since then, I've worked at a few newspapers - even spent some time on a metro and features copy desk (the 4 p.m. to midnight shift) and covered prep sports. One fateful job posting on Craigslist landed me in the LA office of Us Weekly - yes, that Us Weekly. 


Online writing doesn't scare me either. Wading through court documents isn't for the faint of heart, either - which is  something I did while helping research two different books on local murder cases.


My forte would have to be making people feel at ease to tell me their story. Patience and active listening comes in extra quantities with me.


I have an adventurous spirit, notably reflected in working for start-up publications such as: East West Magazine, which was launched by a fellow USC grad and friend; and Adore Shop, a short-lived fashion/shopping magazine. And moving to Little Rock, Arkansas to work for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. By the way, did I mention I went to South Africa for six weeks?


I have no problem shifting into editor mode, something I did quite a bit at a third party quality assurance consulting company. A company called Johnson & Johnson was one of the accounts I worked on - along with other well-known companies in the pharmaceutical industry.


The laundry list of titles I've held: Content Manager, Special Sections Coordinator, Proofreader, Writer, Consumer Marketing Coordinator, Research Assistant and Contributor.





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